Bachelors of Applied Science Programs

Highline College BAS Admissions

Welcome to the admissions page for Highline College's BAS programs. To the left you will find links to the details for each offered program and below you will find admission requirements and admission process information for applying for a BAS program.

Admission Requirements:

  1. Have an AAS or AAS-T Degree
  2. Have an AA or AS Transfer Degree
  3. Be within 30 credits of an AAS, AAS-T, AA or AS degree

Admissions Process

  1. Review the program you are interested in, using the links on the left.
  2. Become a Highline student or have your ctcLink ID ready.
  3. Admissions decisions will be communicated via myHighline email.
  4. Please contact Highline IT Help Desk at (206) 592-HELP (4357) if there are any issues accessing your myHighline student email, or if you are a returning student, contact the Help Desk to reactivate your myHighline student email.
  5. Obtain unofficial transcripts online for unofficial advising and online BAS program application.
  6. Submit official transcripts to the Registrar's office (either in person in building 6 or by having your institution send them to Highline) following the procedure here. If you are a Highline College graduate or a current Highline student, you do not need to submit an official Highline transcript. However, if you have completed coursework from other colleges you will need to provide an official transcript from that college.
  7. This fee has been waived for the 2022-2023 academic calendar year
    Pay the BAS application fee (fee code A3) of $45.00. This fee can be paid in person, by check or credit card, or over the phone with your credit card. The cashier's window is located downstairs in Building 6. The phone number is (206) 592-3126 and the email is Please contact Highline's Cashier to make this payment or for additional information. If you need to pay online, please request your BAS fee (fee code A3) to be applied to the previous quarter to make the payment online.
  8. Apply to the BAS program you're interested in using the button below.
  9. Follow-up: Once your online application is complete and admissions fees paid, make sure you follow up with your transcripts if necessary. You may also contact Tanya Powers at
  10. Now that you have completed your application, if you are planning to apply for financial aid, you can find more information here.

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